Microstrategy руководство на руском

microstrategy руководство на руском
The COM Add-in instance uses the load behavior indicated in the registry; the Automation Add-in instance loads on demand. The main difference between the rewrite feature and the responder feature is as follows: Responder cannot be used for response or server-based expressions. With one program, one agreement, and one team, having a successful partnership has never been easier. Transformations – they are the most complex and are used to provided time period comparisons of facts. E.g. compare this year revenue to last year revenue. YTD or MTD etc. With MicroStrategy’s “drill anywhere” capability, business users can surf anywhere in the data warehouse to see new sets of data, reducing the need for formal report creation or the help of IT personnel, and improving user comprehension of data. They also serve to set the aggregation levelfor calculations in a report, and for filtering the data that is retrieved from the data warehouse.

MicroStrategy partners are experts in navigating how to apply analytics and mobility functions for modern business. MicroStrategy’s renowned relational OLAP (ROLAP) capabilities open up the entire depth and breadth of the data warehouse for full investigative drilling, down to the transaction-level of detail as necessary. Git How To — это интерактивный тур, который познакомит вас с основами Git. And a good way to think about Data Discovery is Self Service 2.0. Let me explain.

There are those who produce the analytics versus those who consume them. The BI platform sits between business users you see at the top of this slide who consume the information, and all of the data sources your see at the bottom. Therefore, when you develop an Automation Add-in that supports IDTExtensibility2, you should be careful not to do anything that attempts to change Excel’s state while the Add-in loads. Если файл изменён, но добавлен в область подготовленных данных, он подготовлен. Compared to other Business Intelligence tools, MicroStrategy is capable of providing a complete enterprise-level reporting solution that is flexible, scalable, robust, and user-friendly.

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