Автомагнитола clarion db179rgmp инструкция подключения

автомагнитола clarion db179rgmp инструкция подключения
Return to the top of the page Q3 ERROR CODES — WHAT DO THEY MEAN? A3 Error 1.Battery inside CD Changer needs to be replaced. Could not read data from disc because it is upside-down. The CCA-519 Y adapter will connect two changers; one more adapter is required for each additional changer Return to the top of the page Q7 What Clarion radios are Sirius Satellite Radio ready? A7 All Clarion 2001 Clarion CeNet radios with AUX inputs are Sirius Satellite Radio ready. Each press of the PRESET #1 button will cycle the tuner frequencies.

The pick-up is out of focus during play mode due to scratches on the disc or contamination. Press the “EQ” button to exit the audio adjustment mode. Could not read correct data due to CD ROM. Error 6.CD error message. Mechanism has as eject problem or takes a long time to select CD. Error 3.CD error message.

With our CeNet units, press and hold the RANDOM button, and PRESET #1 to change from U.S. to European frequencies. These units will not work with the MONSOON systems but will work with NON-MONSOON systems. Return to the top of the page Q5 How do I set the clock? A5 There are several methods to set the clock, depending on the model.

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