Emotron fdu 2 0 инструкция

emotron fdu 2 0 инструкция
For units up to 46 A, an isolated motor thermistor input offers a low-cost solution approved in accordance with the DIN 44081/44082 standard. maintenance costs are lower since air conditioning is no longer needed to cool the cabinet and the surrounding room. These drives are housed in IP 20 enclosures. The pressure control is done using the built-in PID process regulator. Being able to continuously adapt the operation of your pumps and fans to match demand by controlling motor speed results in considerable energy and maintenance savings, compared to the use of throttling valves or dampers. The modular design offers the possibility of redundancy operation.

Secure the flow and save energy Emotron FDU 2.0 AC drive optimizes the operation of your pumps, fans, compressors and blowers. Compact IP54 for cost-efficient installation Emotron FDUs in the 0.55-132 kW range are compact wall-mounted units, all IP54 classified and just as protected against dust and water as an electric motor. The complete range covers motor powers from 0.55 to 3,000 kW. Protective starts and stops Protection against… Save energy and optimize operation Save energy with speed control Sleep function optimizes operation Emotron FDU has been specially developed to regulate flow and pressure. Available in IP20/21 and IP54 versions Emotron FDU is available in IP20/21and IP54 versions. Extended temperature range up to 55 °C. Simplified maintenance Should a process problem occur a full status report will be generated.

You can quickly identify the cause and take corrective measures. Which pumps to start… User-friendly and reliable operation Emotron FDU 2.0 offers several user-friendly features that make both the operator’s and the installation engineer’s work easier and more reliable. Fewer critical parts, which are easy to access, increase reliability. Further energy savings, as well as reduced motor noise, are offered thanks to flux optimization. The latter is like running a car at full throttle while controlling the speed using the brakes. The virtual connection of logical functions, comparators and timers means no cables or external I/Os are required.

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